Vampire Condoms

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Top 10 Reasons To Use
Vampire Condoms

1. Black goes with anything.
2. You don't conform - why should your condoms?
3. Vampires are legendary for their endurance.
4. Gives you a good excuse to leave just before dawn.
5. What's romantic about wooden horses or dead Egyptians?
6. Seductive power of Vampires is well documented.
7. A stranger can give you worse things than a stake through the heart.
8. Great conversation starter and ice breaker.
9. Matchbook case won't leave a ring in your wallet.
10. Vampires always get invited inside.

Actual picture

Vampire Condoms (tm)
One fully functional black latex condom.
Individually packaged in black matchbook-style container
1 for $2.00 (no handling fee) 5 for $5.95 (+$1 per order)
Vampires Only thong panty
"Vampires Only" Thong panties (b/w 100% cotton; one size)
$9.99 + $0.50 shipping ea. ($+1 per order)

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